The Discovery Sciences research group at the Department of Computing of Imperial College London investigates and develops infrastructure, methods and systems in the areas of Cloud Computing, Sensor Informatics and Translational Informatics.

Cloud Computing

The research group develops and runs the IC Cloud, a Cloud Computing test bed designed specifically to research the use of cloud computing in data intensive research. It extends the basic cloud computing concepts to enable a set of generic, scalable and resource efficient services for scientific research.

Sensor Informatics

We are developing a novel theoretical framework and associated computational model for information management in large-scale sensor networks by developing and using attention-like mechanisms based on Bayesian techniques, inspired by the human-sensory system, to identify, and focus on, relevant information to avoid information overload within a complex sensor network environment.

Translational Informatics

Our bioinformatics research aims at efficient storage and knowledge management of translational medicine data and the extraction of biological knowledge by combining clinical, transcriptomics, proteomics and lipidomics data through systems biology modelling by employing machine learning and data mining techniques.