Dr. David Johnson

Role: Research Associate

Email: david.johnson@imperial.ac.uk


Born and raised in Hong Kong, David came to the United Kingdom in 1998 to study computer science at the University of Reading. After completing undergraduate and masters degrees in computer science, he went on to pursue doctoral work addressing the software engineering challenges of supporting mobile cooperative work over peer-to-peer networks. As a postdoctoral researcher he worked briefly in the Reading Evolutionary Biology Group under Professor Mark Pagel FRS before being recruited to the Computing Laboratory at the University of Oxford in 2010. David joined the Discovery Sciences Group at Imperial College London in 2013 to begin work on the eTRIKS project, developing knowledge management services for the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). He is a full member of the ACM, SIGSOFT and SIGBioinformatics.



Journal Papers

Web-based Workflow Planning Platform Supporting the Design and Execution of Complex Multiscale Cancer Models

Vangelis Sakkalis, Stelios Sfakianakis, Eleftheria Tzamali, Kostas Marias, Georgios Stamatakos, Fay Misichroni, Eleftherios Ouzounoglou, Eleni Kolokotroni, Dimitra Dionysiou, David Johnson, Steve McKeever, and Norbert Graf.
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (2014) (2014)

Connecting Digital Cancer Model Repositories with Markup: Introducing TumorML version 1.0

David Johnson, Steve McKeever, Thomas S. Deisboeck, and Zhihui Wang.
Journal Paper ACM SIGBio Record, 3(3):5-11 (30 September 2013) (2014)

Conference Papers

Mobile Support in CSCW Applications and Groupware Development Frameworks

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (2013) (2013)

Abstraction in Physiological Modelling Languages

David Johnson, Anthony J Connor, Mandeep Gill, and Steve McKeever.
2013 Spring Simulation Multiconference (2013) (2013)

Dealing with Diversity in Computational Cancer Modeling

David Johnson, Steve McKeever, Georgios Stamatakos, Dimitra Dionysiou, Norbert Graf, Vangelis Sakkalis, Konstantinos Marias, Zhihui Wang, and Thomas S. Deisboeck.
Cancer Informatics (2013)