Dr. Ioannis Pandis

Role: Research Fellow

Email: i.pandis@imperial.ac.uk



Dr Ioannis Pandis received a Ph.D. degree in Biological Chemistry from the BSRC “Al. Fleming” Institute in Athens, Greee in 2012. From 2012, he has been working as a research associate at Imperial College. He is in the Discovery Science Group working on the European Innovatice Medicine Initiative (IMI), eTRIKs project (http://www.etriks.org/), which is aimed at developing a translational information and knowledge management systems. He leads the data management team for the U-BIOPRED (http://www.europeanlung.org/en/projects-and-research/projects/u-biopred/home) project on severe asthma, which was awarded the Best Practices Award at Bio-IT World 2014 (http://www.bio-itworld.com/2014/5/1/2014-bio-it-world-best-practices-award-winners-named.html). Furthermore, he is the life science project coordinator for the newly established Imperial College, Data Science Institute. His personal interest is the development of bioinformatic applications enabling applied biomedical research, with a particular focus on genome regulation analysis.