Dr. Moustafa Ghanem

Role: Past Member

Email: m.ghanem@imperial.ac.uk


Dr. Moustafa Ghanem is a Research Fellow at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. His research interests are in large scale informatics applications, including large scale data and text mining applications and infrastructures, Grid and Cloud computing and workflow systems for e-Science applications. At Imperial College London, he has also been involved in teaching a number of courses in data mining and bioinformatics.

He has been the Research Director of the spinout company InforSense Ltd since its inception in 2000, where he has led the design and development of their TextSense product and also led its participation in a number of EU-funded Research Projects with applications in drug discovery, healthcare and collaborative R&D infrastructures. Over the past few years, he has helped establish the Centre of Informatics Science at Nile University in Egypt focusing on the use of modern informatics methods for addressing problems of national importance in healthcare, agriculture, environment and cultural heritage as well as local IT industry competitiveness.


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