Mr. Shicai Wang

Role: PhD Candidate



Mr. Shicai Wang received a master degree from ICT CAS (Inst. of Computing Tech, Chinese Academy of Sciences) in 2011, working on CCIndex (a cluster index for Apache Hadoop HBase), MAIO (MapReduce monitor and analysis system with CCIndex), VegaLingCloud (a private cloud platform designed by ICT CAS) and GOS (a grid Operating System in China National Grid project). Especially, for CCIndex, He implemented a distributed cluster index, with which the speed of information retrieve could be two times of that in MySQL Cluster.

From 2011, He is a Ph.D student in Discovery Sciences Group, specialising in the new generation e-science platform for global wide collaborative research in healthcare and life science applications. He currently focuses on the new form of file systems supporting large scale scientific data management with scalability, efficiency, automatic backup and fault tolerance capacity. The research includes an extensive study of cloud computing and e-science technology as well as Web 2.0 technologies for collaborative research.