Past Projects


The main objective of ‘Delivering eTRIKS’ is to build a sustainable IMI translational research informatics/KM platform – eTRIKS, and to provide sustainable IMI KM services. In order to realize an ‘open’ platform, the development will begin with transMART, an open source KM platform. eTRIKS, however, will not end with transMART. The intent is to build a combined KM/analytics platform … Read more

Digital City Exchange

New digital technologies are enabling the integration of virtual and physical systems, creating the opportunity for a revolution in city infrastructure that can bring significant benefits for utilities and services. Digital City Exchange is a major new Imperial College London programme that will discover and enable these new technical and business opportunities by linking utilities and services within a … Read more


U-BIOPRED (Unbiased BIOmarkers in PREDiction of respiratory disease outcomes) is a research project to understand more about severe asthma that involves scientists from universities, research institutes, the pharmaceutical industry and small companies. It is funded by a programme set up in 2008 by both the European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations called the Innovative … Read more

Elastic Sensor Networks

In the project Elastic Sensor Networks: Towards Attention-Based Information Management in Large-Scale Sensor Networks we are developing novel models and algorithms for managing large-scale distributed sensor networks.


Rogue Virtual Machine Identification in DaISy Clouds

The project aims at developing a novel framework and associated methods for security monitoring of the behaviour of virtual machines in cloud environments in order to effectively identify rogue machine behaviour and cross-virtual machine attacks. The project borrows ideas from successful frameworks for monitoring and detecting fraudulent and suspicious credit card usage and applies them, as well as extends … Read more



In the i-Health project the group’s algorithms and tools form the basis for integrating and analyzing clinical data records.



MESSAGE is a three-year research project which started in October 2006 and is funded jointly by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Department for Transport. The project team, lead by Imperial College London, includes researchers at Universities of Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle and Southampton. The project also has the support of nineteen non-academic organisations from public sector … Read more

PLATFORM: Discovery Sciences Research Group

Applying Real-time Data Mining to Large Scale Scientific Applications which has developed the IC-Cloud infrastructure, the first campus cloud infrastructure designed for scientific informatics applications.


Discovery Net

The Discovery Net project has developed a service-based computing infrastructure for high throughput informatics that supports the integration and analysis of data collected from various high throughput devices. This infrastructure has been designed and implemented based on a workflow model, allowing the composition of data analysis services and resources declared as web/grid services.

The Discovery Net infrastructure is currently used … Read more