Computational infrastructures for data and knowledge management in systems biology, Springer book in Systems Biology, Vol.1: Systems Biology

Georgatos F, Ballereau S, Pellet J, Ghanem M, Price N, Hood L, Boutigny D, Auffray C, Balling R, and Schneider R., and Yike Guo.
Vol.1: Systems Biology (2013) (2013)

The volume, complexity and heterogeneity of data originating from high throughput functional genomics technologies have created challenges and opportunities for Information Technology (IT) departments. These increased demands have also led to increasing costs for IT infrastructure such as necessary computing power and storage devices, as well as further costs for manpower effort, required for maintenance. This chapter describes some of the challenges for computational analysis infrastructure, including bottlenecks and most pressing needs that have to be addressed to effectively support the development of systems biology and its application in medicine.