Concinnity: A Digital City Exchange Platform

Digital Economy Conference 2013, University of Salford (2013)

Multi-source sensor data constitutes a major part of Big
Data for smart cities, and can be used to generate valuable
insights. However current systems for collecting and stor-
ing such data do not also support the user in performing
analytics to create such insight. In this paper we present
the Concinnity platform, based on our existing work in sen-
sor data management and work ow engine design for model
composition. This platform address the ve key challenges
in this eld of 1) collaboration 2) data heterogeneity and dis-
parity 3) multi-resolution and multi-scale integration 4) un-
certainty and trustworthiness management 5) modelling and
decision-making. We explore responses to these challenges
though designing the Concinnity platform and conclude with
an electric vehicle example scenario that demonstrates the
capabilities and advantages of our platform in responding to
these challenges.