Delayed switching applied to memristor neural networks

Wang FZ, Helian N, Wu S, Yang X, Lim G, Rashid MM, and Yike Guo.
Journal of Applied Physics, Vol:111, ISSN:0021-8979, Pages (2012)

Magnetic flux and electric charge are linked in a memristor. We reported recently that a memristor has a peculiar effect in which the switching takes place with a time delay because a memristor possesses a certain inertia. This effect was named the “delayed switching effect.” In this work, we elaborate on the importance of delayed switching in a brain-like computer using memristor neural networks. The effect is used to control the switching of a memristor synapse between two neurons that fire together (the Hebbian rule). A theoretical formula is found, and the design is verified by a simulation. We have also built an experimental setup consisting of electronic memristive synapses and electronic neurons.