Elastic-TOSCA: Supporting Elasticity of Cloud Application in TOSCA

CLOUD COMPUTING 2013, The Fourth International Conference on Cloud Computing (2013)

The Topology and Orchestration Specification for
Cloud Applications (TOSCA) is an emerging framework
aiming at enhancing the portability of cloud applications by
standardizing their life cycle management in a vendor-neutral
way. TOSCA captures the description of cloud application and
infrastructure services, the relationships between parts of the
services, and the operational behavior of these services (e.g.,
deploy, patch, shutdown). However, it lacks support for the
equally important aspect of managing elasticity, i.e., managing
the dynamic scaling of cloud applications at run-time. In this
work we present the Elastic-TOSCA framework, which
extends TOSCA to address this issue. We then describe how
Elastic-TOSCA can be used to support a variety of analytical
model-based approaches for elasticity management in complex
cloud applications. We further provide a detailed example
describing how Elastic TOSCA can be used to support easily a
dynamic scaling approach based on a queueing system model.
Using a case study for managing the elasticity of a multi-tier ecommerce
service, we demonstrate the effectiveness of both